Editing and Critical Review


You have done the hard work, gathered your research, formulated your argument and got all your ideas down on paper. Now you want to gain the confidence to share it with the world, free from errors and spelling mistakes. But you don’t have enough distance from your thesis to carry out thorough proofreading and review.

The truth is, If you are a student or academic from a non-English speaking background, your work will achieve better marks and a greater academic impact if it is presented in perfect English.

Our professional editors will take the stress out of academic writing by fine-tuning your document’s content, structure, style, and presentation so that the final product shines. We stick to deadlines and all changes are tracked, giving you the freedom to decide what your final document looks like.

Critical Review:

Submit each chapter of your thesis for critical review.

We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your chapters, analysing your ideas and content, considering the intended audience and your purpose. We ensure that all information is well researched in the central argument: What are the central arguments or conclusions? Are they clearly stated? Do evidence and analysis support them? Do you clearly outline the methodology and the expected result? Is the paper lacking information or argumentation? Is the article organised logically easy to follow? Does your writing style suit the audience? Is the style unnecessarily complicated? Is your language objective or charged with emotion and bias?


Submit your final thesis for language editing

Using deep editing, we fine-tune the document’s content, structure, style, and presentation so that the final product shines. We: Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling; Edit for content, style, and presentation; Delete irrelevant points; Get rid of repetition; Order points within sections; Fix inconsistencies; Provide recommendations & suggestions; We make comments where necessary.

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