How to Monetise your Creativity – eBook


A just-in-time e-book for creatives on a mission! 

Tips, strategies and ‘how to’ with attitude to help you authentically:

  • Niche down
  • Clarify your mantra 
  • Connect with clients & collaborators  
  • Ship your creative work

Take your side-hustle or small business to the next level.  Forget the outdated view of the side-hustle as dysfunctional and take the next leap forward  – there is no need to wait and every reason to get organised and get connected, embrace the multipassionate in you, pivot your business and monetise your craft.

Do you dream of living a purpose-driven life with financial freedom, or of escaping the rat race and working at your own pace? This e-book will help you niche down, gain clarity about your products and services, find and sell to your clients wherever they are! It will give you both practical and conceptual guidelines for your creative journey.  

Through mini master classes, real life stories, guidelines and useable templates, this e-book gives you tips, strategies and ‘how to’ with attitude to help you:

  • Niche down and define your unique offerings and selling points 
  • Find your clients and connect with collaborators  
  • Live comfortably in the digital world, using technology to strategise & share your voice 
  • Monetise through authentic branding 
  • Increase your social media reach by thinking strategically about your content and platforms.  

Invest in your own creativity!  Improve your strategic planning and develop your online presence to pivot your craft into a profitable, successful and impactful business

Join authors Chengetai Chikadaya and Melissa King as they share lessons learned in their own growth as content creators.

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